Business—Not Rocket—Science Powers Innovation

Have you ever had someone tell you how easy business is? That it “Isn’t rocket science”? Maybe you’ve had someone say to you that “Business is kind of like teaching; those who can’t do something more challenging go into business.” If you have ever heard those comments, or had anything similar directed to you, then that person hasn’t run a business—or at least not lately.

Complexity and Regulations
The world of business is complex and challenging, and getting more so every day. There are more rules and regulations, and more competition from every corner of the world, even if you only want to do business in your own backyard. (And you probably have to get a permit to do that!) Regardless of who you are and where you are located, you must deal with a multitude of issues to be in business, stay in business, and succeed in business. To be profitable, you have to be good at what you went in business to do and you have to be good at business and at selling. You must also be able to either do all the administrative, accounting, and paperwork tasks associated with your business, or make enough money to pay someone to do them for you. It may not be “rocket science,” but most days it certainly isn’t easy—or is it?

It’s So Easy! Not!
So kudos to the entrepreneurs and the business people who make it seem like business “ain’t rocket science,” Because it’s definitely not as easy as some may make it appear.On any given day, a business owner may have to deal with:

•    Marketing
•    Sales
•    Business development
•    Accounting
•    Taxes
o    Sales tax
o    Use tax
o    Property tax
o    Privilege tax
o    Income tax
o    Payroll taxes
o    Import/export taxes
•    Human resources
o    Hiring
o    Firing
o    Promotions
o    Reviews
o    Raises
o    Bonuses
o    Overtimes
o    Timesheets
o    Benefits
•    Procurement
o    Parts
o    Supplies
o    Equipment
o    Consultants
o    Subcontractors
•    Customer service
•    Manufacturing/Production
•    Product/service design
•    Quality control
•    Planning
•    Operations
•    Logistics
•    Sales orders
•    Accounts receivable
•    Accounts payable
•    Banking
•    Cash management
•    Financial reporting
•    Government regulations
o    State
o    Local
o    Federal
•    Payroll
•    Credit management
•    Information technology
o    Computers
o    Pagers
o    Cell phones
o    Land-line phones
o    Websites
o    Internet hosting
o    PDAs
o    Scanners
o    Copiers
o    FAX Machines
•    And so on …

It isn’t rocket science! There is no formula. And the variables are different for every business as are the equations for profitability. Out of this complexity comes new jobs, new products, and innovation! Every day someone goes into business. Even in the worst of economic times new businesses are started! Yes!

With entrepreneurial spirit and the belief that good things come from hard work and even facing all the complexity and regulations, businesses can create and support innovation. So, business isn’t rocket science, but it makes rocket science possible. Rocket science is brought to you by … business! Without the businesses, the accountants, the storekeepers, the restaurants, and the rocket scientists who go into business to provide products and services that make our lives easier and more productive, where would we all be? Keep going! Do it better! You can succeed! Make the hard decisions and choices! Make the lights come on; the websites work; the telephones ring; the GPS systems navigate. Build a bridge; write a software program; create the next big thing! You are the engine of innovation, creativity, and productivity. Yes; it isn’t easy, but you are in businesses powering the world to new levels of success.
So the next time you hear that business isn’t rocket science: Agree! Innovation and business go together. Business powers innovation; what a wonderful combination.

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