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FOCUS Resources works with individuals and groups to create organizations that make an impact. You may want to start or grow a for-profit, non-profit, faith-based, NGO, or government entity. We stand with you from concept to exit to create an entity that is scalable, sustainable, fundable, and growing!

Successful organizations change to pursue new opportunities, meet new challenges, and provide innovative solutions. Organizations must constantly monitor the marketplace for trends and emerging needs and problems – to solve profitably.

Strategic Advisory Services

Financial Performance, Sustainability, DEIB, and Corporate Responsibility

Request a Strategic Business Assessment or Strategy Session

It’s a different world today than yesterday. Is your business thriving?

Develop Strategies, Systems, and Structures that support financial success and support your community.

Implement Corporate Governance & Compliance, DEIB, and Social Missions.

Connect with a broader market. Get more customers. Grow your business.

Build Innovative, Diverse, Scalable Organizations!

Your business model, the how you do business and make money, can be a significant competitive advantage. If you want outpace the competition, you need clear vision and goals.

Organizations need to learn and change to compete.

They also need to build the most efficient and effective business processes and systems aligned to go for the goal!

Whether your business is for-profit or non-profit, a traditional business or social benefit organization, one-size fits all solutions will not maximize your results. You need customized solutions that fit you, your team, and your community. We provide solutions that fit your business. Every dollar you invest in transforming your business requires a return on that investment. We believe your investment has to address the problems and constraints on growth. We don’t treat the symptoms, but the root cause.

The F.O.C.U.S.℠ Framework to transform your organization.

The F.O.C.U.S.℠ Difference

Customers and clients always want to know the difference between you and the competition. At FOCUS, we use our proprietary C.O.R.E.℠ Business System to create customized solutions. FOCUS founder Lea Strickland, developed and used these tools with over 400 clients to improve productivity, increase sales and profit, generate positive cash flows, raise funds (over $500 million raised by our client companies), and reduce uncertainty and stress for our client leadership teams.

Comprehensive Vision and Strategy

Too many business advisors can’t envision the impact of decisions made today on the future of your business. Think of those business advisors as hammers. A hammer has the job of driving nails into other materials. As hammers, everything they see is a nail. Holistic business advisors, like FOCUS, are the entire toolbox! Sometimes you need the hammer, other times you need a measuring tape or a saw. You can’t build a house when your only tool is a hammer. You can’t build a business using a single tool, either.

Strategic Business, Operations, Finance, and More

Your business needs to balance the details framed from a big picture, long-term perspective. How your frame your business is a significant factor in your success. Working from a strategic perspective enables you to put provide the framework for the detailed decisions that have to be made today to reach your long-term goals. Without the strategic framework, you may not get the details right.


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Business Performance

Our proprietary C.O.R.E. Business Ssytems™ program focuses your organization on the critical success factors. To grow strong and sustainable, you need to set goals, evaluate existing systems and processes, and make decisions on how you will do business in the future.

Small Business Government Contractors and Grant Recipients

Small businesses engaged with government grant (SBIR, STTR, and other programs) and acquisition contracts must comply with for-profit regulations and requirements imposed by those programs.  These rules impact every aspect of how business is done.

From the time the award is signed or the first dollar is spent, you have agreed to the terms and conditions. What are those terms and conditions? How do you meet the requirements affordably?


Start-up and Early Stage

The foundation you create for your business is crucial to your success. How you define your business, the market opportunity you pursue, and your business model are three key elements that impact your future.

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