Too many businesses focus only on the “product” or the “business.”

Successful, sustainable, scalable, and profitable businesses FOCUS on both.

They measure and FOCUS on Results.

FOCUS on Finance
FOCUS on Operations
FOCUS on Compliance
FOCUS on Utilization
FOCUS on Strategy

Custom Solutions.
Decades of Experience.
Holistic Business Perspective.

Holistic Structure


The importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.

Successful businesses are equal parts successful solutions (products, services, technology) and business models (how the business works and generates profits).

The ability to take a holistic approach ensures the delivery of the solution at a profitable price through the business model – to maximize impact, growth, long-term value, and profit. This requires a holistic approach or multi-functional perspective.

Build a Successful Business, Start with the C.O.R.E.℠

Build a Successful Business Entity

Your Solution


Opportunity (Market)


Entity (Structure and Profitability Model)

Your Business





Commit to Execution

Strategy Formulation

Vision, Mission, Goals

Strategy Alignment

Opportunity, Structure, and Execution

Strategic Plan

Where you are and where you are going.

Corporate Governance and Compliance


Terms and Conditions

SEC and State Regulations

Regulatory Agencies

Accounting and Financial

Industry Specific (FDA for pharma and medical devices, etc.)

Employee related

Board and Fiduciary Roles

Funding Support



Financial Oversight/Management

Burn Rate Management

Terms and Conditions

Private Placement Memorandums

Pre-IPO Operational and Financial Assessments

Performance Improvement

Performance analysis


Profitability for Shareholders (traditional entities)

Stakeholders metrics (public benefit corporations, non-profits, B-corporations, etc.)

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