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Successful businesses are equal parts successful solutions (products, service, technology) and business models (how you do business and make money). From concept to execution, planning and action go hand-in-hand. The planning process enables businesses to ask questions and formulate strategies. The greatest value is found in the process of planning – getting the team to a shared vision, identifying opportunities, and aligning the organization to achieve its goals. The best plans encourage multiple perspectives. The best planning processes encourage open dialogue and the ability to integrate diverse perspectives to identify the best paths forward.

The ability to take a holistic approach to balance the solution (product, service, technology) that you provide with the ability to build a business model that maximizes the impact of your solution and long-term value and profit requires a multi-functional perspective. Impact companies are those that want to innovate what they deliver and how they deliver it.

Too many businesses focus only on the “product” or the “business”. Successful, sustainable, scalable, profitable businesses do both.


Strategy Formulation

Vision, Mission, Goals

All are important. They also have to align before you determine strategy. You also have to address internal and external factors, including culture, diversity, inclusion, and other emerging influences.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Governance is about more than compliance with internal and external rules and regulations. Governance requires leadership, commitment, and the ability to learn and innovate.

Funding Support

Undercapitalization is one of the biggest challenges to business growth. How do you grow without working and expansion funds? You don’t. Your funding strategy and the cost of those funds can make or break your business. There is no “free” money. However, you do have options.

Performance Improvement

Performance is often defined solely on short-term metrics and this year’s profits. Sustainable, scalable performance takes a long-term perspective and requires a commitment to serve the stakeholders, all the staekholders.

Board Services

Independent, external board member demonstrated financial, business, strategic, and operational skills important to future growth. 

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Strategic Advisory Services

Financial Systems and Performance

Operational Structures, Processes, and Controls

Cash, Compliance, and Commercialization

Utilization of Resources

Strategy Formulation and Planning