At F.O.C.U.S. Resources, our expertise is business process and systems. Our experience with over 500 businesses (large and small) and non-profit organizations is incorporated into the C.O.R.E.™ Business Transformation System. Want to start a business? Or grow your existing business? We can guide you through all the decisions. Need funding? Our clients have raised over $500 million in government and private sector funding.

Through education, coaching, training, and consulting, we guide you to business success. If your goal is financial independence through business ownership, we work with you to take your idea and make it a business. If you are passionate about a cause and want to start a non-profit, we are there to guide you through the process.


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  • 10 Elements of Successful Businesses - While every business has elements that are unique to it. Every successful business shares common characteristics with other successful businesses. Concept The first element of a successful business is a clear concept of what the business is and does. This concept is more than the idea for a product or ...
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  • Chris Heivly: Startup Communities – Taking Ideas and Building Businesses - Chris Heivly of the Start-up Factory and LaunchBox Digital is the featured guest. Chris shares insights on entrepreneurs, start-ups, and what's next for him. He shares lessons learned, insights from his book, Build the Fort (available on Amazon.com) and the need for entrepreneurs in our communities. Listen Now Chris Heivly ...
  • Crowdfunding: What You Need to Know for Your Business - Crowdfunding Information and Insights from the Regulatory Perspective Guest: Leo John Leo John is the Investor and Business Outreach Legal Specialist at N.C. Department of Secretary of State, Securities Division. The state agency registers legal entities, administers and enforces state securities laws, administers the state trademarks database and performs various ...
  • Air Probe UAV Veteran-owned Business - Host Lea Strickland talks with Probyn Thompson and DA Harris of Air Probe UAV of Fayetteville, NC about starting and growing a technology veteran-owned business. www.airprobeuav.com Listen Now
  • NC National Defense Industry Association Chapter Launch - Host Lea Strickland and Guest JV Miller of the NC NDIA talk about the launch of the newest National Defense Industry Association chapter in NC. They cover the goals, activities, and information on the vision and programs for the new chapter. To join NDIA and the NC Chapter click here: Listen ...
  • Ending Veteran Homelessness in NC – North Carolina Gaining Ground in Fight Against Veteran Homelessness - Lea Strickland talks with Terry Allebaugh of NC's Department of Military and Veteran Affairs about the program to end veteran homelessness. Ending Veteran Homelessness program statistics: Veteran homelessness has decreased by 19% over the last year. For chronic veteran homelessness, meaning those veterans who have had sustained homelessness and have ...

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Books by Lea Strickland

from Lea Strickland

10 Minute Success: Goals

10 Minute Success – Goals is the answer to the question I am asked on an almost daily basis: “How do you get so much done?!”

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from Lea Strickland

The ABC’s of Biblical Change


The ABC’s of Biblical Change: Lessons from the Pentateuch walks readers through the lives and lessons of various Bible characters and examines some key concepts that span the lives of these characters.

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from Lea Strickland

SBIR Basics: The Numbers


This book is for the SBIR recipient. It contains the building blocks of the concepts for accounting, financial and administrative requirements that are associated with federal funding.

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from Lea Strickland

Out of the Cubicle and Into Business


This isn’t “theory”, but practical insights, questions, and information on the realities of starting your own business and laying the foundation for success.

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from Lea Strickland

Marketing Strategies That Really Work!


No matter how good your product or how strong your promotional offer, if you fail to get that information into the marketplace where potential customers can see it , success will forever elude you.

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from Lea Strickland

One Great Idea Can Revolutionize Your Business


Eighteen Power-House ideas to make your life and business successful.

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