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  • 10 Elements of Successful Businesses- While every business has elements that are unique to it. Every successful business shares common characteristics with other successful businesses. Concept The first element of a successful business is a clear concept of what the business is and does. This concept is more than the idea for a product or… ...
  • Be My Guest on Focus on Business Radio Program- ...
  • Change: Not the Flavor of the Month- I read a statistic from the US Department of Labor that says 64% of Americans leave their jobs because they don't feel appreciated. That under appreciation goes from the lowest levels of the organization to the office of the CEO. The more diverse your organization is the more important it… ...
  • Successful Change Begins with a Clear Diagnosis- ...
  • Cryptocurrency, Blockchains, ICOs, and Fintech- Guests: Jim Verdonik and Benji Jones Listen Jim Verdonik and Benji Jones lead Ward and Smith P. A.’s Securities and Fintech groups. These groups include Crowdfunding Blockchain/COINS teams. We are also leaders of the Raleigh Blockchain Working Group of E4 Carolinas a networking group for new energy businesses. They have… ...
  • NC PACES Act: Intrastate Crowdfunding – Benji Jones- NC PACES ACT INTERVIEW LISTEN NOW   My guest today is Corporate attorney Benji Taylor Jones. She recently joined the Raleigh office of Ward and Smith.  She has been a trusted counselor to numerous private and public companies in a variety of corporate and securities law matters for nearly two… ...
  • iFundWomen- Listen Now to IFundWomen Podcast Guests: Corporate attorney Benji Taylor Jones and Concetta Rand is CRO of iFundWomen. Benji Jones Bio Benji has been a guest on the program before, but let me refresh your memory by sharing her bio. Benji joined the Raleigh office of Ward and Smith in… ...

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Books by Lea Strickland

Success begins with smart goals!

10 Minute Success: Goals

10 Minute Success – Goals is the answer to the question I am asked on an almost daily basis: “How do you get so much done?!”

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God's lessons for today's world.

The ABC’s of Biblical Change


The ABC’s of Biblical Change: Lessons from the Pentateuch walks readers through the lives and lessons of various Bible characters and examines some key concepts that span the lives of these characters.

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For-profit government accounting in easy to understand language.

SBIR Basics: The Numbers


This book is for the SBIR recipient. It contains the building blocks of the concepts for accounting, financial and administrative requirements that are associated with federal funding.

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What you don't know can't cost you!

Out of the Cubicle and Into Business


This isn’t “theory”, but practical insights, questions, and information on the realities of starting your own business and laying the foundation for success.

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Marketing for the real world!

Marketing Strategies That Really Work!


No matter how good your product or how strong your promotional offer, if you fail to get that information into the marketplace where potential customers can see it , success will forever elude you.

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Ideas that transform your business!

One Great Idea Can Revolutionize Your Business


Eighteen Power-House ideas to make your life and business successful.

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