F.O.C.U.S. Resources



  • Strategic operational and financial analysis and design
  • Business systems and processes
  • Business growth
  • Government grant and contract compliance
  • SBIR and STTR Program support

  • Strategic Business Advisory Services – Growth, Turnaround, Scalability, Increase Value for Exit.
  • C.O.R.E. Business Systems™ –  Business Design, Scalability, and Value Creation
    • C.O.R.E. Genesis™ – Idea to Founding
    • C.O.R.E. S.T.A.R.T™ – Bridge between founding and growth
    • C.O.R.E. Growth™- Growth strategy and business continuity
    • C.O.R.E. Value™ – Value creation and exit strategy
  • Technovation Entrepreneur™ – University Spinouts and Technology Innovators
  • P.A.C.E.S. Crowdfunding™ – Pre-launch, Audience, Campaign, Execute, and Structure
  • Board Services – Independent Board Member, Board Education, Audit and Finance Committee Support
  • Mastermind Groups – Small Business, Technology Start-ups, Growth Stage, and more
  • Business CPR™ – Small Group Consulting for businesses that need support for their DIY turnarounds and redesigns