C.O.R.E.℠ Genesis – Build A Strong Business from the Start

C.O.R.E.℠ Formation is for start-ups and early stage companies who need the first customer, significant revenue growth, and/or a commercialization strategy for their innovative new products, technology, and services. C.O.R.E. Formation is the foundation program to define the business: Concept, Opportunity, Resource needs, and Entity (business model).

  1. the Concept is your business idea — well-defined and focused on solving a specific market need or problem.
  2. the Opportunity is the potential market for your business idea — this is your target market (you will identify a niche within this larger opportunity to go after).
  3. the Resources — the skills, equipment, space, funds, and everything you need to do business and serve your customers.
  4. the Entity or business model — focuses your business on the “how” you will do business, your goals, the results, tax and legal structures, and how you will make money.

These programs are provided on-site and off-site for small groups and organizations. To schedule a workshop, call us at 919.234.3960 or email Lea@FOCUSResourcesInc.com.

Translate Ideas into Solutions

“Is this a good idea? Is it a business?”

Your challenge is to take your idea and make it into a business — if it can make money and help people with their problems.

Solutions for Problems

What is the market potential and viability of a business based on your concept and solution? The ability of your business to succeed and thrive depends on upon your market potential or how many people—or businesses—have the problem you solve. 

Time, Money and Talent

Your business will succeed or fail based on the resources you have or can access. Resources include people and money (your and other people’s (OPM)) business, get the first sales, etc.).

The Business Entity Model – Making Money

The business model is built on your business Concept, the market Opportunity you have identified, the Resources you have and need, and the “how” you plan to do business. 

Get Started!

If you are ready to create your business, let me help.

  1. Email me Lea@FOCUSResourcesInc.com.
  2. Use the subject: Genesis of My Business
  3. Provide your contact information and the best time and method to reach you (email or phone).

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Workshops and Webinars

Learn HOW to Build a Successful, Profitable Business

Introduction to C.O.R.E. Genesis Business Transformation System – Startup Strong:

C.O.R.E. Genesis: Start Strong!

If you want to start and grow a profitable business, the foundation is working on the C.O.R.E. of the business. The foundation elements of C.O.R.E. are in the C.O.R.E. Genesis elements:

  • Concept – Your Business Idea
  • Opportunity – The Size of the Market that would use your idea
  • Resources – The money, people and other things you need to start and grow the business.
  • Entity – The business model, legal structure, and tax structures.

Many startup businesses don’t invest time and effort before they open the doors or create a legal structure. They jump in and think they will figure it out as they go. But that can be expensive and time-consuming, two resources that most startups have in limited amounts – time and money! Thinking strategically and developing a plan of action enables you to test your ideas and focus your efforts to get specific results.  Investing in a guided process of starting your business, having someone help you understand the steps you need to take, to help you validate your idea, is priceless! Been there, done that and have the life lessons to prove it! (Even have some t-shirts!)

To learn more and get started building your profitable business, e-mail us at Info@FOCUSResourcesInc.com Subject C.OR.E. Genesis Workshops.