Crowdfunding Information and Insights from the Regulatory Perspective with Leo John

Leo John is the Investor and Business Outreach Legal Specialist at N.C. Department of Secretary of State, Securities Division. The state agency registers legal entities, administers and enforces state securities laws, administers the state trademarks database and performs various other functions that intersect with business and commerce. An attorney and a former business journalist, Leo closely monitors the state’s business climate and in particular entrepreneurial activity to ensure businesses are forewarned and forearmed about the legal landscape in which they operate. Crowdfunding is a viable funding option for some businesses, but not all. Why does it work for some businesses and not others? Understand the differences between the most common forms, the process, and the regulations.

Talking points:

  • what is crowdfunding,
  • what are distinctions between donation based v. investment,
  • why should businesses consider crowdfunding as an option for financing,
  • what recent legislation has been passed at federal and state level to make it easier for businesses to raise funds using crowdfunding.

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