F.O.C.U.S. Resources is recognized for our volunteer work and programs for veteran entrepreneurship.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs Certificate of Appreciation for Veteran Entrepreneurship Program

Since its founding, F.O.C.U.S. Resources℠ has provided strategic business services to over 800 client companies. Our clients are located throughout North America and include some internationally recognized consumer brands, computer gaming companies, and technology innovators.  We’ve worked with many of these companies to grow their revenues and to raise over $750 million in non-dilutive funding like grants and crowdfunding, as well as angel investors, venture capital, private equity, and IPOs.

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Clients and Colleagues Testimonials

Lea is a great authority on small business government grants and has helped me gain mastery of such topics as allowability, audits, and investment considerations. She has been a reliable and confident resource for my company.

Crystal Icenhour, PhD

President, Aperomics, Inc.

Smart businesspeople don’t just come up with ideas-they fill needs. Lea Strickland is one of those people who approaches everything she does to fill real, pressing needs for her clients. With a background ranging from accounting and financial guidance to a track record of spurring excellence in operations, customer service, marketing, and sales, Lea is the ultimate go-to resource for entrepreneurs who have incredible products and services but need that little something (or a lot) extra to make their businesses succeed in a fast-paced, ever-changing marketplace. 

James Forrest

Founder/Corporate Attorney, The Forrest Firm

Some things are worth investing in because their value goes beyond initial projections and can’t simply be measured in just dollars. I have found the services of Focus Resources to be one of those investments. It has been invaluable to the continued growth of my business.

President, 3F, LLC - Hickory, North Carolina

Small business owners/executives wear lots of hats and usually are very good at creating the vision and goals for their organization. The challenge often times
is in translating the vision and goals into actionable steps and key measurable objectives that move the
organization forward.

F.O.C.U.S. Resources has the experience and skills to cut through the minutia and guide the road map process.They are fast, efficient financial and business experts that have helped us meet our goals.

Christine Peterson

President, Protus3, Inc. Raleigh, North Carolina

Lea Strickland brought the knowledge and experiences we specifically needed for developing our Commercialization Plan for our Phase II SBIR proposal. This included expertise in the SBIR program, government accounting regulations and in-depth knowledge of finance and commercialization in general.”

Justin Samson

President, Castle Technologies, Inc., Richmond, Virginia

Lea’s expertise helped make sure that the “free money” from SBIR funding truly came without too much costs in terms of time, effort, and compliance.  There is no substitute for the experience of a world expert like Lea & we strongly recommend her.

Peyton Anderson

CEO, Affinergy, Inc., Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

I was recently introduced to Lea while working on a Federal grant proposal. Thank God! She is wonderful to work with because of her unique ability to translate dry, complex budget prep/accounting “must do’s” into easy to understand concepts. Just yesterday I was a participant in one of her workshops – it was down to earth, interactive, and interesting. Lea’s focus is altruistic. She’s willing to roll up her sleeves with you, answer and work on your firm-specific questions and solutions – giving you real action steps to take home and apply. I’d recommend her to anyone needing help with bookkeeping and accounting, especially if you’re entering the Federal grant/contract arena.

Joanna Nestor

Lea is a great creative and strategic thinker and doer on business issues. I have used Lea as a resource on government contracting and other issues and always find her to be knowledgeable, helpful and well-networked. Through her writings and workshops, Lea has made valuable resources available … her clients are lucky to have her on their side.

David Bass

Investment Banker, Arena Capital Advisors

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