Do not preach; demonstrate. Do not lecture; practice. Do not demand; serve.

As witnessing Christians, in the workplace range somewhere on the spectrum that spans from no one can tell or knows we are a Christian, to the overzealous, in-your-face, alienation mode (“sanctimonious” is word that comes to mind for this end).

We need be neither timid, nor aggressively demanding the world wake up and come to Christ. Too often both of these extremes miss the real opportunity to lead co-workers, colleagues, and employees to God and salvation through Jesus Christ. Yes, there are times that you have to be quiet and others when you need to boldly speak. Both have a place once you have been invited to have a conversation and tell the glorious story of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

You must be like Christ in that you must gently lead people to the open door of salvation. You cannot force someone to hear; you may be able to force them to seem to listen, but for the Word of God to take root, their hearts need to be ready. So how do we get people ready to hear the message? We do it by building a relationship with them that is caring, generous, loving (like Christ) and respectful.

It is the little things that build relationships. Know the names of the loved ones of the people you work with and meet. Acknowledge special events and dates in their lives. Celebrate their achievements. Be quick to thank them for helping you and being there to help them.

You can also begin to meet and learn about people at your workplace through bringing food or beverages, inviting them out to lunch, starting a walking/running/biking group at lunch or after work, setting up a carpool, support fundraising initiatives that their children are involved with (set and keep a budget through), and most of all pray unceasingly for your opportunities to speak to them about Christ. Live daily with love and patience. Exercise self-control with regard to frustration, gossip, and other activities in the workplace. Walk the walk of Christ and lead them to Christ through living a joyous life at work.

Want people to stop by your office? Keep a well-stocked candy jar on your desk … but be sure that it isn’t disruptive to fulfilling your job duties.

The little things mean a lot and are the key to opening the doors of the hearts and minds of those you meet and work with. Respect and positive relationships will create opportunities for witnessing to others.



Author:  Lea A. Strickland, MBA CMA CFM CBM GMC
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