Exodus chapter 20 verses 1 – 6 are the first verses of the Ten Commandments, also known as “The Decalogue.” They are the commandments about love. God tells us to love Him above all others and all things He further directs us to be faithful to Him and put no one and no thing before Him. As we live our lives, each day how well do we meet the level of commitment God commands of us? Our whole heart mind, and soul are to be caught up in loving Him.

Part of love is wanting to please the one you love, to care for, attend to, make happy, spend time with and share yourself with the other person. How many people do we spend our day serving and pleasing, not as a product of the relationship we have with God but as the focus of our lives? We are encouraged (I say brainwashed) that we have the right or entitlement to be happy … whatever the cost (literally and Figuratively). God wants us to be happy, through our relationship with Him. We cannot fill the empty places, the hurt, the lack of anything with ourselves, other people or things—to be happy is to know God.

We have become addicted to food, drink, activities, sports, prestige, houses, gambling, work. You name it and we have it and want “more” of it. We have these things and the more we have the more want and it is never “enough”. We get caught up in trying to fill an unfillable need … just a “little more” and we’ll finally be filled up.

Finding God and building an intimate, loving relationship that we spend time in nurturing enables contentment with who and what we are. What we have is “enough” because we are filled up with the love of God. We are filled with the spirit … and it shows.

The greatest commandment is to love God. Without His love, we open a doorway to a house that is empty, a shell that always has room to fill with things. This leads to a cycle of wanting and never being satisfied, which ultimately results in envy (breaking the tenth commandment).

Do not rely on your own wisdom- for you are blind to truth.
Do not serve masters who create nothing;
But claim to rule the world.
It is not what you have or earn that matters,
But whom you know and serve.
It is what you have been given – grace and salvation.
Life you could never deserve.
Repent and turn from your foolish ways.
For we are in the final days
Before He returns to reign,
When all that is of man will not remain.
God is love.
His gift is grace.
He is the only answer for the human race.
Put your faith in God and His Embrace
The time has come
That the prophets foretold
Of a world grown spiritually cold.
Trumpets sound and the Son appears
To reign on earth one thousand years…


Author:  Lea A. Strickland, MBA CMA CFM CBM GMC
Copyright ©2012 Lea A. Strickland
All Rights Reserved

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