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Host Lea Strickland spoke with Barbara Hemphill about her new book, Less Clutter More Life, on December 9th. We all want more out of life, more fun, more enjoyment, more time.  Barbara shares her faith, her humor and her insights on how to unclutter our lives.

About Barbara Hemphill

Frequently referred to as “The Paper Tiger Lady,” Barbara started her company in 1978 with a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper. Her passion is to help individuals and organizations eliminate physical, digital, emotional and spiritual clutter so everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.

As her business grew, so did her vision. She wanted to offer other women a business of their own that will provide a lucrative income with flexible hours, doing something they love. Today, the company she founded — Productive Environment Institute — includes a growing international team of Certified Productive Environment Specialists whose mission is helping clients manage time, space, and information —  ultimately transforming how they work and live.

Barbara’s books include Taming the Paper Tiger,  Love It or Lose It: Living Clutter-Free Forever, Organizing Paper @Home: What to Toss and How to Find the Rest! and Less Clutter More Life.

Spanning a 35-year career on the cutting edge of what USA Today called a billion dollar industry, Barbara has appeared on CNN, the Today Show and Good Morning America, and in publications including Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, USA Today, The New York Times, Real Simple, and Guideposts magazine.

An adventurer as well as an innovator, Barbara has lived in the West Indies, India, New York City, and Washington, DC. While living in India in the 1970’s, she adopted three children. In addition, her family includes two stepchildren, four grandchildren, and her beloved one-of-a-kind husband Alfred Taylor, with whom she shares their own Productive Environment™ near Raleigh, NC.

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