Focus Points Business Tips

Focus Points Business Tips

Business Tips on How To Start and Grow Your Business

Business Growth requires a clear focus, a targeted audience, and a plan of action. Focus points provide quick insights into how to start and grow your business. Focus Points are quick tips and things to think about that have a big impact on your business. Focus points are broadcast on various radio programs media outlets.


Focus Point 1: Build Your C.O.R.E.! — The fundamentals of your business matter!

Focus Point 2: Define Your Business Concept — What does your business do?

Focus Point 3: Identify Your Market Opportunity — Who does your business serve?

Focus Point 4: Gather Your Resources — Time, Money and Talent

Focus Point 5: Define Your Entity (Business Model) — How will you make money?

Focus Point 6: C.O.R.E. Growth — Customer, Operations, Results and Execution

Focus Point 7: Focus on the Customer and Their Needs — The Customer Perspective

Focus Point 8: Create Operations that Enable — The Process of Serving the Customer and Doing Business

Focus Point 9: Target Results — for the Customer and Your Business

Focus Point 10: Execute! — Make it Happen!

Focus Point 11: 30 Minute Business Plans — Create the Future

Focus Point 12: Document Your Assumptions — What Do You Think Will Happen

Focus Point 13: Costs to Results — What is the Result you want to generate?

Focus Point 14: The Typical Sale — How Many Customers Do You Need?

Focus Point 15: Beyond Breakeven — Breakeven is a milestone, not a destination

Focus Point 16: Sales — First and Goal!

Focus Point 17: Capacity — How many customers can you serve?

Focus Point 18: Funding Your Business – Viable Business Opportunity

Focus Point 19: NC PACES Act – Crowdfunding in North Carolina

Focus Point 20: Crowdfunding – New Sources of Capital for Your Business

Focus Point 21: Funding Needs a Pitch Deck – The Presentation of Your Business

Focus Point 22: Pitch Deck – What Is It?

Focus Point 23: It IS About the Customer – Focus on The Customer and Success Results