I have been listening to the conversations, debates and opinions on Presidential and other race candidates, but primarily the presidential To Vote in the Worldrace. I am a Christian, conservative and a capitalist, who supports the bill of rights including the second amendment. As such I often feel that I am an endangered species. It use to be a rare occasion where I would hear a discussion of the ills of the world – terrorism, jobs, the economy to name a few – and hear that I am the cause of all that is wrong in the world – after all Christians cause terrorism, capitalists are evil abusers of the environment and workers, and conservatives have an antiquated, outdated view of the world.

While the comments have not been directed to me, they are often applicable to me according to the speakers. As a Bible clinging, 2nd amendment advocate, who owns a small business, I am held responsible for the ills of the world, but the same people will say that my success did not come from my long hours of hard work, sacrifice, and investment in education and my business, nor according to them did my success come from God. My success came solely from my taking advantage of other people.

As I watch the presidential race unfold, I am particularly concerned that in examining the field of candidates that many people will throw away their votes because the most conservative candidate is not perfect. In fact by staying home, or voting for an unelectable candidate (say a third party candidate) they will contribute to electing a candidate that is an advocate for abortion, against the second amendment for the average citizen. I will argue that failure to support the more conservative candidate will support the restriction of first amendment rights and freedom of religion. I have spent the past 7+ years watching my freedoms to worship and protect myself be eroded in the guise of “security” and “tolerance”.

So I am asking these question would it be displeasing to God to vote for a candidate:

  • That has had numerous marriages and mistresses be wrong?
  • that believes that it is okay to stay home and send his army into battle without him leading?
  • who would covet his neighbor’s wife and then have an affair with her?
  • who was a bad parent?
  • who caused a death in order to get something he wanted?
  • who was flawed, made mistakes and changed his views on various key topics as he matured?
  • who lived a life that includes sins that were on-going and as such were not repented?

Would you vote for them? Each of these questions applies to past and some current candidates. But they describe questions that could be asked if King David were running for office. He was a polygamist and allowed his wives and concubines to practice other religions. He sent a man (Uriah) to war with the intent that he would die in battle so David could have Bathsheba and conceal his sinful affair. By biblical accounts David wasn’t a great husband or father. If we fully described King David I don’t think he would be electable. Yet he was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22).

As humans we look at the external and judge, God looks at the internal and eternal and uses each of us to accomplish His plan. We criticize when someone won’t change their position on an issue and we attempt to annihilate them when they do.

I don’t thing King David could be elected today based on how the debates and discussions amongst Christians and conservatives today. Some days as I listen to the case being made against the most conservative of the current candidates, I wonder if people doubt what God can do regardless of who is elected.

Personally, I will be voting and I will vote for the candidate that is the best of the options presented. I won’t be voting for the candidate that thinks Planned Parenthood’s sale of the body parts of aborted babies doesn’t matter. I won’t vote for someone who has demonstrated repeatedly that laws and rules don’t apply to her and that is not answerable to anyone (but will one day answer to God as will we all).

I have faith that no matter who is elected that God is in control and will work everything to the good. I do not have faith that my country (that was created for freedom of religion and not freedom from religion) will survive another round of progressive liberalism. I see my God-given rights eroding day by day. Yet they are God-given and despite current and on-going attempts to override God, to erase Him from the public square, schools, and yes even churches and homes. God IS!

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future.




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