Donation-based Crowdfunding

Donation-based crowdfunding occurs when individuals provide a gift of financial support, a donation, to support a cause or project they believe in. The donors may receive a token gift in return for the donation.

Executive Summary

The executive summary is usually the first section of a business plan that provides an overview of the company, encapsulating the reason for writing the plan.

Convertible Note

A convertible note is a debt agreement (loan) at the time the investment in the business is made. However, the loan balance (principal plus interest) may be converted into ownership  at a later date. Conversion may be triggered automatically when a new round of...

Regulation D Crowdfunding

Regulation D Crowdfunding occurs when businesses seek investment as either equity or debt. Businesses use on-line and traditional means to reach the “crowd of potential investors”.

Equity-Based Crowdfunding

Equity-based Crowdfunding generally occurs when an investor receives an ownership interest in the company in exchange for his or her investment. Equity = Owner The investor becomes a shareholder in the company. Depending upon the type of shares/ownership interest the...

Accredited Investor

Rule 501 of Regulation D defines an accredited investor as: Institutions and Businesses Banks, insurance companies, registered investment companies, business development companies, or small business investment companies; Employee benefit plans, within the meaning of...
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