Website SEO Myths and RealitiesWebsite SEO Myths

Host Lea Strickland talks with returning guest Robert Sherwood of Oak City IT about SEO myths and the realities of search engine optimization, website design, and the four elements of SEO Plans: 1. Keyword Research; 2. Implement a Keyword Strategy; 3. Optimize Images and include alt tags; and 4. Have a content strategy including release scheduled and social media tools. If your small business has been thinking about investing in a new website or just made the investment, you need to be sure that you have maximized that investment impact by understanding search engine optimization, why it matters, and how it works. SEO Myths include: Google will find me, I don’t have to let them know my website is there. Other myths and realities address developing a SEO strategy, maximizing your visibility with website design, and how often to update content.



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