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Mike McCready

Mike McCready

Mike McCready Co-founder and CEO of Music Xray has experienced success as a musician, and separately as an entrepreneur, but has found his true passion by combining music with business. As a signed musician, he achieved two hit singles. As an entrepreneur, his companies have been featured in Success Magazine, The New Yorker, and other media. For example, one has been the subject of a very popular case study at Harvard Business School – which is taught at top business schools all over the world, was profiled in a few documentaries (Discovery, NatGeo, BBC & ITV), and even written into the screenplays of a couple network television series.

Music Xray is an on-line platform that connects music industry talent with commercial opportunities. Music Xray is focused on providing the decision makers with the best tools for deciding which songs and artists to use for their projects. Music Xray’s online platform makes available tools to streamline, organize, and optimize their work while reducing the risk of making choices that don’t meet their business objectives.

Music Xray creates those tools and makes them available online while simultaneously leveling the playing field for musicians, making it less about who you know and more about pure talent, skill, and market appeal.

Music Xray’s Fan Targeting campaigns guarantee potential fans listen, which isn’t always a given in today’s “attention economy” If they hear compelling music they convert from potential fans to direct fans and artists learn which of their songs convert new fans quickly and cost-effectively.

We help musicians do three things.

  • Get deals.
  • Get fans.
  • Get better.

We help them do all three things better than any other source.

We help industry professionals do two things.

  • Find high potential music & talent.
  • Find opportunity-appropriate music & talent.

We help them do both things more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately than via any other source.

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