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Lyle Gravatt of NK Patent Law, PLLC. shares insights and experience with US Patent Laws. What patents are, do, and how they protect your inventions and business.

About Lyle Gravatt

W. Lyle Gravatt is an experienced patent attorney proficient in writing patent applications and pursuing patents in a wide range of technologies. Mr. Gravatt began his career as patent analyst and professional searcher, developing new software tools for advanced searching of patents and publications. Lyle now focuses primarily on the client-service side of patent work. Mr. Gravatt is involved in the local startup community as an active member and ambassador with the Center for Entrepreneurial Development(CED), as a volunteer at the technology incubator First Flight Venture Center, and as a volunteer withInnovate Raleigh. Mr. Gravatt earned a B.S. in Physics from Wake Forest University where he performed biophysics research on the effects of hydroxyurea with sickle cell hemoglobin using electroparamagnetic resonance imaging techniques. While in law school at the University of Mississippi School of Law, Lyle partnered with attorneys through the American Bar Association to co-author a chapter in the ABA publication “FDA Regulation of Nanotechnology”.

Mr. Gravatt’s patent practice has included work in the following technology areas:
  • Wireless detection and management systems
  • Biotechnology and nanotech products
  • Smart grid analytic and load control devices
  • Consumer products
  • Mechanical and manufacturing equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Software applications

About NK Patent Law

NK Patent Law is a North Carolina-based patent law firm that is focused on providing business focused advice with respect to patents, trademarks, and intellectual property matters. With offices in Raleigh and Winston-Salem, our team of experienced professionals offers customized, high quality services in a wide variety of technical disciplines.

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