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Business Vitality

The economy, natural disasters, shifts in demand, and any number of factors can impact the viability of your business. Suddenly, you find your business struggling to survive. Your dreams are on life support. Your stress level is rising. You need help.

C.O.R.E. CPR℠ focuses you on making informed, confident decisions about the new direction and new way of doing business that will get your business healthy again. Three key metrics are analyzed: Cash, Profits, and Revenues. We need to know your baseline to get your business into recovery. From the baseline and the underlying information, you can diagnose the root cause(s) of your business health issues.

Once you have a diagnosis, then we set new goals that describe the ultimate healthy condition you want to achieve. From those goals, we begin working to close the gap between today and your future. It usually takes work, a lot of work. But the results are worth it!


When cash is limited, how you spend every dollar matters. Conserve your cash to spend on the critical CORE of your business.

Profit doesn’t just happen. You have to plan and work on your plan. Establish your goals, allocate your resources (including cash), and keep control of costs.

Revive your revenue and ensure that you generate positive cash flow and profits. 

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