10-Minute Success – Goals is the answer to the question I am asked on an almost daily basis:

10-minute-success“How do you get so much done?!”

The answer is carving out 10-minute blocks of time throughout my day to work on my goals.  My 10-minute sessions are spent taking action – goal setting, planning, or doing – focused on specific long-term goals or interim goals that fit into the overall plan for my business and life.

I have a habit of arriving everywhere I go be it a personal or business appointment at least 15 minutes early.  I spend 5 minutes getting organized for the meeting or the appointment, the other 10 minutes I spend on writing articles, reviewing materials, research, working on client projects.  Often I find that not only do I have the planned 10 minutes to work, but at least a few minutes more as few people seem to arrive on time for meetings.

If you begin with just one 10 minute session every day for the next year, you will have created over 60 hours of time to work on goals and getting things done.  We are masters of how we use our time, not slaves to the demands on it.  When we take control of how we use time and are able to use it wisely and efficiently – focused on the priorities we have set, then we live a richer life, not just materially but in how we look at the world and ourselves.

Take 10 minutes every day, beginning today and change your world!



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