(Cary, N.C.) The award-winning national financial media outlet TheStreet.com has published an original article by F.O.C.U.S. (TM) Resources President Lea Strickland, MBA/CMA/CFM/CBM/GMC, on two 11-year-old entrepreneurs pitching their innovative ideas at this summer’s Triangle Startup Weekend in Durham, N.C.  Strickland, a regular columnist for TheStreet.com, will be expanding her coverage of entrepreneurial issues; later this summer she will debut as a contributing columnist for YoungEntrepreneurs.com, part of the Entrepreneur Magazine group. In addition, her article “The Big Idea? Execute Right” was recently featured on Portfolio.com.

“The fact that two pre-teens had the wherewithal to develop innovative ideas into marketable concepts is almost as amazing as the fact that they had the guts to stand up in front of an audience of adults and present their ideas,” Strickland said.

In addition to interviewing Marci Lawson of Garner and Ben Brown of Greensboro for her article, Strickland worked with both as part of a group of volunteer business strategists helping innovators learn the nuts and bolts – as well as opportunities and dangers – of converting their discoveries and ideas into commercialized products and services.

Triangle Startup Weekend is an annual 54 hour startup event that provides the networking, resources, and incentives for individuals and teams to go from idea to launch. Strickland presented the keynote speaker for this year’s event, noted local entrepreneur Josh Witten, founder of both TransLoc Inc. and EVXP — The Electric Vehicle Experience.

Technovation Entrepreneur (TM), a program offered through F.O.C.U.S. (TM) Resources, was Title Sponsor for Triangle Startup Weekend. Technovation Entrepreneur (TM) is focused on helping entrepreneurs commercialize scientific discoveries and build innovative private companies and nonprofit organizations.

In her TheStreet.com article on the two young entrepreneurs, Strickland explained how they competed against 52 adults with 60-second pitches, impressing enough of the judges to move into the second round of competition. Lawson was promoting an online social network and mobile app for cheerleaders, CheerChatter.com, while Brown was seeking support for MySwagApp.com, a website for kids to learn how to dress, see what’s in style and purchase corresponding clothing.

Strickland’s article, “Young Entrepreneurs Have Lessons for All” includes an imbedded video of Brown’s pitch to attendees and judges, and can be accessed online at http://tinyurl.com/thestreet-entrepreneurs. Her article “The Big Idea? Execute Right” can be found at http://tinyurl.com/portfolio-thinkers.

Having written over 600 columns and op-ed pieces on topics related to effectively starting and growing a business and authoring four books on business strategy, Strickland has published over two dozen articles for TheStreet.com. Founded in 1996 by CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer, TheStreet.com receives over 7 million unique monthly visitors and 60 million page views each month.

For more information on Strickland, visit www.leastrickland.com. To learn about the Technovation Entrepreneur (TM) program, visit www.technovationentrepreneur.com or email info@technovationentrepreneur.com.

Lea Strickland, MBA/CMA/CFM/CBM/GMC, is an internationally renowned business strategy expert applying proven infrastructure management solutions to help businesses and organizations of all sizes build a baseline for success. She is the President of F.O.C.U.S. (TM) Resources and founder of the Technovation Entrepreneur (TM) program helping entrepreneurs take their ideas to market. Strickland is the author of books including “Out of the Cubicle and Into Business” and “One Great Idea!” and has had columns published in numerous high-profile national media outlets. Regularly leading workshops and presenting at a wide range of industry events, Lea is a sought-after public speaker and thought leader on how to effectively start and grow a business. For more information, visit www.leastrickland.com.

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