(Cary, N.C.) International strategic business consulting firm F.O.C.U.S.(TM) Resources has launched its new corporate website, FocusResourcesInc.com, detailing popular new programs and services helping entrepreneurs commercialize scientific discoveries and build innovative private and public companies and nonprofit organizations.

The nine-year-old firm has recently expanded its offerings for early stage and established companies seeking assistance with strategic financial and business management issues to include the Technovation Entrepreneur(TM) program for transitioning research and product ideas into real world applications.

“Client needs have changed over the years, from one-on-one consulting to group education and training to building individual business models, budgets, and grant proposals,” said Lea Strickland, MBA/CMA/CFM/CBM/GMC, President/CEO of F.O.C.U.S. Resources.

Strickland said the one commonality among all of the over 400 clients her company has served in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico is the need for a carefully crafted organizational infrastructure. The various programs and services from F.O.C.U.S.(TM) Resources are geared to deliver just that, she said, helping position a for-profit business or nonprofit of any size to grab market share and benefit from change while others fail.

“By developing and implementing a strategic business plan at inception or incorporating necessary changes and updates to an existing model, today’s innovators and entrepreneurs can proactively deal with changes to markets, competition, products/services, technology, economics, funding or staffing,” Strickland explained.

FocusResourcesInc.com offers insight into programs dealing with issues affecting not-for-profits, strategic innovation, commercial advancement and government grants and contracts. Links to informative articles, webinars, and other online resources are provided, while the Technovation Entrepreneur(TM) program is featured as well. Designed as a multi-functional, integrated business program respecting the role of re¬search and recognizing the need to translate research into products that match market need, and developing a business model that fits the technology, the market and founders, Technovation Entrepreneur(TM) provides a combination of reference materials, webinars, seminars, workshops, and individual consulting through in-person, virtual, pre-recorded, and print materials.

F.O.C.U.S.(TM) Resources has been at the forefront of emerging technologies working with companies in fuel cell, alternative energy, nanotechnology, biologics, education, biotech, and more. The client-oriented, customized programs and services enables F.O.C.U.S.(TM) Resources to work with companies to get results within limited budgets and in challenging market conditions.

“For many of our clients, they know their technology, science, or products. They are not familiar with or adept in the business side of commercialization. We work with them to provide the missing pieces by providing business expertise — financial, operational, and strategic — while they develop those skill sets. F.O.C.U.S.(TM) Resources becomes another member of the leadership team focused on development of a profitable business model,” Strickland said..

Strickland, who has been busy with educational events this past winter, continues to develop the Technovation Entrepreneur(TM) program and website, TechnovationEntrepreneur.com, in addition to speaking at numerous industry events and appearing as a regular contributor on TheStreet.com and FoxBusiness.com. She has also appeared on WJLA-TV in Washington, DC to discuss how to create jobs and leverage innovation and investment.

For more information on F.O.C.U.S.(TM) Resources, visit FocusResourcesInc.com or call (919) 234-3960.

F.O.C.U.S.(TM) Resources is an international strategic business consulting firm guiding clients in the design and development of successful new ventures and diagnosing the root cause of performance issues in established for-profit companies and nonprofits. Crafting effective business management infrastructure related to finance, operations, commercialization, utilization and strategy, F.O.C.U.S.(TM) Resources services build business sustainability to support sales, private and government funding efforts and organizational growth. For more information, visit www.focusresourcsesinc.com.

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