Working on Faith Business Ministry and Services

Working on Faith Business Ministry and Services


Working on Faith

Grow Your Business and Your Faith

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV)

Faith-based organizations serve God first and foremost. They do so by serving God’s children. So the mission and goal is to serve God by being the best, most caring, organization that has the stewardship of the organization in line with the mission. Stewardship means being funded to serve and maximizing the impact of every dollar of funding received. From selecting the team, to pursuing the mission, faith-based organizations must be focused on God’s principles and purposes, and do it well through a sound operating model, budgets, and performance goals.

  1. Serve God in all that is done.
  2. Serve the children of God with empathy, kindness, compassion, and accountability.
  3. Lead a well-organized, financially stable and growing team that is able to maximize the impact on the world through the mission and by reaching others: the client, the community, the vendors, and other stakeholders.
  4. Steward God’s resources with accountability, financial controls, budgets, and performance metrics.
  5. Market the organization for donations, clients to serve, community involvement and impact.

For our faith-based clients, our programs are biblical based and include key elements of success:

  • Flawed Leaders, Godly Leadership: Lessons from the Bible—
    • What do we learn from Abraham? Jacob? Moses?
    • How do we apply the lessons to our lives, businesses, and careers?


  • Biblical Change:
    • Personal (Lessons from the Pentateuch)The ABC's of Biblical Change: Lessons from the Pentateuch
    • Corporate/Group (Lessons from History)
    • Growth (Lessons from Wisdom)
    • Vision (Lessons from Prophets)
    • Mission Success (Lessons from the New Testament)




  • Organization administration – biblical models for structuring your internal business processes and structures: areas of responsibility, delegation, accountability, role definition matched to skills, and optimal structures for maximum impact and mission success.
    • The New (Original) Peter Principle™ – Leadership Lessons from the book of Acts and the life of Apostle Peter
    • The Mosaic Method™ – Organizational Structures, Accountability, and Delegation of Authority
  • Financial stewardship – fundraising, budgets, accounting and all financial controls and requirements needed to be effective with every dollar raised.

Working on Faith Business Ministry Client Prayer

Lord God, we come to you in the name of Jesus and we ask that you would forgive our sins.We know that all repented sins are forgiven and washed away by the blood of Jesus. We receive your forgiveness in these matters. You say we are to come before your throne with confidence in our time of need. We come to you now.

Lord, we ask you to guide our actions and to reveal all the things that we need to do to transform our businesses that you have given us. Show us what it is that we need to change and make right to honor you. Show us what sins we need to repent and things that we need to make things right within our businesses.

Thank you for the team of people that you’ve given us, that surround and support us. We pray that you will continue to provide for them through us.

Lord these businesses are yours. We are stewards of them. We dedicate these businesses to you to be used for Your glory. We ask that you bless them financially and show us how to be a good stewards. Show us how to honor you with our actions and our results. Show us how to use the financial rewards of our business to reach others for your kingdom. Show how to wisely share those resources with our team, our community, and your congregation of believers.

We pray that now you will show us what actions and steps to take to enable these businesses, these ministries, to prosper this year.

Lord, in all times and places you are in control, on your throne. You and you alone equip us to be successful. It is Your word that we write upon our hearts, that we meditate upon day and night. Guide us Lord that we do not depart from it.

Show us your ways Lord. Strengthen us to serve you each and every day. Let us proclaim your name through word and deed as we do business.

We thank you for this truth. We thank you for the wisdom and guidance of the scriptures. Lord give us the ability to understand and apply your word in all things that we do.

We move forward by faith. We act with honesty, fairness, and consistency in all of the business relationships. Let our actions bring You glory. Let our actions set us apart from other businesses. Through you Lord, according to your plans and purposes, You will make these businesses prosperous and successful.

Lord I pray you grant us your blessings and favor. Enable us to get new customers that enable us to pay all the bills from our businesses. We pray for the ability to glorify your name, rest secure in your divine provisions, and let us be content and confident in what we have and in where you have placed us to serve you.

In Jesus name, Amen.



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