WorkingOnFaithLogo_web; when poemDuring Bible study this morning, I was reading the book of Hosea. It inspired this poem:

When knowledge of God is not prized,

When many fail to lift their eyes,

Sin spreads across the land.

When knowledge of God is no longer sought,

When standards are sold and bought,

God’s message is no longer spoken.

When God’s word the world no longer reads,

When man’s self is all he needs,

God’s word cannot be heard.

When poet, priest, and pastor preach,

When those they seek cannot be reached,

Judgment comes to one and all.

When man relies on the product of his hands,

When flood, famine, and tragedy rules the land,

What was built will crumble and fall.

When Judgment comes to one and all.

The high and mighty shake and fall.

When The Covenant is trampled beneath human feet,

True knowledge and wisdom in retreat.

When God is no longer the measure of what is good,

What is right and wrong misunderstood.

When Love includes judgment is denied.

When Judgment includes wrath is cast aside.

When nation and towers are built up,

Wrath fills Judgment’s cup.

Poet, priest, politician, pastor

Each person accounts for his sins.

For Love includes judgment

For Judgment includes wrath

What man builds with hand and stone,

He will see torn down and ultimately atone.

What is planted so shall he reap,

His crop will not be oil and wine, fruit and grain

His harvest is bitter not sweet,

It is not peace but pain.

To grow a harvest it takes Son and reign,

Not sin and sorrow, pride and pain.

The land dries up.

The rain does not fall.

The sin of man destroys it all.

The times they change, but stay the same.

Man forgets from whence it all came.

Man forgets God’s Word and Name.

They ignore His Promise.

His sovereignty is denied.

Not one will stand,

That has not knelt.

What was, is and will be,

God alone knows and sees.

The final day it draws near.

Prophets warn.

The Word speaks.

The Believer heeds.

The harvest reaped.

The lost lament.

Judgment rendered.

Kingdom comes.

Christ reigns.

God’s will be done.

Heaven come to earth.

Man judged.

What awaits?

Heaven’s glory or

Hell’s gates.

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