Magnify Your Mission

Every non-profit and faith-based organization is started with a mission in mind. This mission is (or should be) the driving force behind the design oflighthouse350x3501 the organization and its business model. Yes, non-profits and faith-based organizations have a business model. They also have to be “profitable” financially and in service to the mission. I like to call these organizations “profit for a purpose” or “profit for the mission” organizations. You see it is just as critical for your organization to be funded from donations, from operations, and from other sources. It is also critical to be the best stewards of the funds and other resources possible. You want and need to maximize your impact for the mission.

The first step in Magnifying Your Mission is to define that mission. Many organizations have a mission statement, but it is it actionable? Does it speak to the who you serve? Does it reflect what you do and believe? Is it the first block in the foundation of what you will build or is it a plague on the wall?