Government Regulation and Compliance – Overtime, Minimum Wage, and Other Changes

Government Regulation and Compliance – Overtime, Minimum Wage, and Other Changes

Overtime and Minimum Wage Changes – Mitigate the Impact and Control Labor CostsOvertime cost control

Small businesses are struggling to understand, quantify, and develop a staffing plans under the new:

  • overtime eligibility,
  • increases in minimum wage, and
  • other changes in regulations.

How can your business understand the impact of these changes on the financial and operational aspects of business?

First, you have to to understand the changes.

Second, you have to analyze and apply those changes to the specifics of your business.

Third, you analyze your operations and alternatives for redesigning your organization. You want to minimize the cost of the changes and still keep quality service and on-time delivery to your customers.

What to Expect in the Overtime Compliance Webinar

In this webinar, Lea Strickland will lead you through the process of assessing the impact on your business and developing the financial, human resource, and operational strategies to minimize the costs and maintain profitability and service levels within your business.

  • Learn how to analyze your current operations to identify what changes.
  • Identify alternatives for your business – wage and salary levels, workload balancing, fractional staffing plans, and other options.
  • Build tools to help you analyze and walk thru “what-if” scenarios to evaluate alternatives.
  • Understand ancillary rulings and “guidance” that could add complexity to your business. This includes IRS joint employment rulings, Affordable Healthcare Act, Independent Contractor versus employee classification, and more.

Upcoming Webinar Dates include: June 30, July 14 and July 28

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