Webinars – Program Overviews

Webinars – Program Overviews

C.O.R.E. Business Transformation SystemsCORE Business System Cover

How to Strengthen Your Business – Increase Revenues and Profits

Learn the secrets to growing your business.  This webinar introduces you to the C.O.R.E. Business Transformation System. A two-part system that consists of:

  1. C.O.R.E. GENESIS – the foundation elements of successful (profitable) businesses – Concept, Opportunity, Resources, and Entity. These elements address the fundamentals of what business you are in, who the customer is and how you do business.
  2. C.O.R.E. GROWTH – these are the building block elements that translate your fundamentals into the architecture, mechanics, systems, and processes of day-to-day success – Customer, Operations, Results, and Execution.

Upcoming C.O.R.E. Webinars

C.O.R.E. Genesis – Startup Strong!

C.O.R.E. Growth – Grow Stronger!

Veteran Entrepreneurship: Make the Transition to Business Owner and Entrepreneur

This program is for veterans, active military and their spouses, children, parents, widows/widowers. If you have been thinking about starting or buying a business. Let us help by working with you to understand:

  • what business ownership means
  • the legal, tax, and financial opportunities and challenges
  • business plans
  • legal and tax structures
  • access to funds
  • and more.

This program utilizes the C.O.R.E. Business Transformation System and incorporates additional material on how to transfer your military experience into your business.

Visit the program page for access to a free, intensive course. This course contains 20+ hours of content to help you think through the decision on whether business ownership is for you. This course is built with the content I wished I had when I was starting my business!

For information on this program including webinars, live events and workshops. Email Info@focusresourcesinc.com and put Mil-Vet Entrepreneur in the Subject Line of your email.

Hot Topics

Our Hot Topics webinars are things that impact how you do business. These topics are about changes that will require businesses to make some tough strategic, operational, and financial decisions in the near term (1 year or less) on how they are operating. These topics also address on-going changes in legislation and regulations, and other compliance related topics.

Magnify Your Mission

This program uses the C.O.R.E. Transformation system and has additional content and considerations for Non-Profit and Faith-based organizations.

For information on this program including webinars, live events and workshops. Email Info@focusresourcesinc.com and put Magnify! in the Subject Line of your email.