Veteran Entrepreneurship



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Translate Your Military Experience to Business Success

Veteran-owned businesses play an important role in the economy, communities, and in government contracting. As a veteran-owned business, you will receive preference for some contracts. That preference does not guarantee that you will get the contract. You see your business has to be contract-ready. By this, I mean your business has to be able to do business well. You need properly prepared financial statements. You have to produce those financial statements using an accounting system that meets specific standards. In other words, your entire business needs to meet government or other contract performance standards set by the organization. Furthermore, you have to demonstrate you can deliver the product, service, or technology they are buying. You have to be a “going concern” with resources (including funding) to meet the contract requirements.

Veteran Entrepreneurship Program Structure

  1. Transition and Decision
    • Self-assessments
    • Goals
    • Resources
    • Commitment
    • Adaptation (for veterans with physical challenges, TBI, PTSD, etc.)
  2. Options and Avenues
    • Types of business
    • Alternatives for going into business
      • Start-up
      • License or Franchise
      • Buy existing
      • Buy into an existing business
    • Legal, tax, and liability
    • Operational decision
    • Strategic plan
    • Business plan
  3. Business Basics of Ownership and Running a Business
    • Operations
    • Financial
    • Customers
    • Marketing
    • Other business mechanics
  4. Setup and Startup
    • Legal setup
    • Financial setup
    • Operational setup
    • Launching the business
      • Get the first customer

Build a Viable Business

Our veteran entrepreneurship program focuses on assisting veterans, active military, police officers, and firefighters to make the transition to business ownership. Moving from the military or first responder service mode into business ownership means translating your experiences, skills, connections, and abilities into business ownership. It requires some time and attention. Often, it also requires guidance from experienced business experts to help you understand:

  • what business ownership involves;
  • the choices in types of business ownership (legal and tax: sole proprietor, partnerships, corporations, LLCs, etc.)
  • the types of businesses (franchises, licensed, start-up, existing, etc.)
  • what will the business do (services, products, technology…)
  • what resources are needed (financial, people (skills and abilities), facilities, systems, etc.).

Starting and/or owning a business is a combination of personal, financial, and professional. Making the right choices, upfront, saves a business owner time, money and stress!

So, the veteran entrepreneurship program utilizes proven content that has been used by hundreds of our clients. Then, we build on content specific to your military services and experiences. How does your military training, specializations, and work experience translate to business? We will help you determine how your skills transfer to business.

Things to Know

Veteran-owned businesses are given contracting preference with the US federal government, state and municipal governments. Also, there are special programs for sourcing to veteran-owned business with major private sector corporations, you have to build a strong business to compete. It is important in establishing your business that you understand how to ensure your business is properly set up to be considered a veteran-owned business. There are also other business classifications such as service-disabled veteran, woman owned, minority owned, HUB Zone, and others that also provide opportunities to build a customer base. These options should be taken into consideration when making the critical decisions about your business.

Program Elements

You may feel overwhelmed with all you don’t know about business. When you don’t have experience and are learning things you didn’t know you didn’t know. Business can be incredibly complex and confusing. For some, they also experience challenges as the business grows.

Understanding business and teaching you the in’s and out’s of business is our expertise and experience. We know how to do business.  As a result, we work with you on the things you need to know, understand, and put in place to succeed, including:

  • accounting and financial systems – taxes, banking, payroll, sales, purchases, and more;
  • human resources – recruiting, hiring, performance management, compensation, etc.; and
  • operations – systems, policies, procedures related to:
    • website,
    • customer service,
    • sales,
    • marketing, and
    • business development.

Some businesses will have:

  • manufacturing/production,
  • intellectual property – patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and trade secrets,
  • multiple locations,
  • multiple owners,
  • international operations,
  • e-commerce, and
  • other items.

Program Delivery

You can participate in the through:

  • workshops – live and on-demand (pre-recorded available through our CustomerHub);
  • webinars – live and on-demand;
  • small group work sessions – 5 to 6 participants working on the same “homework” to develop the business; and
  • mastermind/peer groups – guided peer-to-peer “meetings” in person, on-line, and by phone.

Also, you can also engage in one-on-one consulting sessions. These sessions are private, customized sessions that enable you to work on the business, get questions answered, develop proprietary content and more.


This program is specifically for:

  • Veterans (spouse, widow or widower of a veteran);
  • Active military (spouse),
  • Police Officers, and
  • Firefighters.

How to Participate in this Program

  1. Complete the Women Veteran Education Program form or
  2. Complete the Men’s Veteran Education Program form
  3. We will contact you with program information and to schedule a phone call.










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