Unfolded Hearts podcast:

Lea Strickland is an author, radio show host, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. Lea brings her faith into the workplace and encourages others through her Working on Faith ministry to also live their faith at work. Lea holds a Masters in Applied Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute and an MBA from The Ohio State University in Accounting, Change Management and Marketing. She owns FOCUS Resources and international strategic consulting firm working with individuals and organizations on growth and change issues. She is the author of over 800 published articles, 150 workshops, and 7 books, including her most recent The ABC’s of Biblical Change: Lessons from the Pentateuch.

The ABC’s of Biblical Change is a five book series applying biblical insights and lessons to change and growth for individuals and organizations. The first book in the series currently available from Amazon and other retail outlets provides lessons on personal change from the lives and principles of The Pentateuch or the first five books of the Bible. Lea utilizes people and events that are familiar to us to point out how change happens, how God takes us on a journey to change, and most important how our faith can be the greatest force for positive, biblical change in our personal lives.

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