What are you thankful for? Do you spend time thanking God and others for the great things in your life? How about the little things? Too often we are focused on the past or the future to the exclusion of what we have in the here and now. Each day is made up of things to be thankful for. The things we see and the things we fail to notice. Things that if those little moments changed would mean our life would be less than it is.

This time of year is hard for me, because my father died around Thanksgiving. I still miss him across the years. But I am thankful for every year I had with him here. And I am thankful that God gave me a great earthly father. Was he perfect? No. But he was my Dad. I can think back over the years and remember a thousand things that he did, said, or shared. I have lots of loving memories.

As much as I miss my Dad, I am thankful that I had him and even more thankful that I have a heavenly Father that is here every day to guide and protect me, to help me through the days where I miss loved ones. Especially during the days when I long to have my Dad back to bounce an idea off of, I know God understands and listens to that conversation.

I can rejoice that I will always have a Father to hold onto, go to, and share my thoughts, hopes and dreams—and my fears and uncertainties. My heavenly Father I give praise to for all that He has blessed me with.

I frequently thank God for the small things in each day. I thank Him that I can find a parking spot, when I am tired and running late. I thank Him when the crazy driver talking on the phone and looking at a piece of paper is going by me at 90 miles an hour on the highway.

I thank God, especially when things are not going well, that He is there and is going to work things our to His Purpose. I thank God that He is and always will be. I thank God for saving me from myself and this world.

1 Chronicles 16:34–36 (KJV 1900)

34  O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good;

For his mercy endureth for ever.

35  And say ye,

Save us, O God of our salvation,

And gather us together, and deliver us from the heathen,

That we may give thanks to thy holy name,

And glory in thy praise.

36  Blessed be the Lord God of Israel for ever and ever.

And all the people said, Amen, and praised the Lord.

If you are struggling during one of life’s storms or you are missing a loved one who is far away or has left this world, then look beyond the empty space beside you and look inside yourself for the memories and love that you shared. Then lift up your eyes and voice to the Lord above and be thankful for each moment you had. Morning and evening give praise for those who have been in your life…more importantly give thanks for those you still have. Do not let the day slip away without giving thanks. Search your mind and heart each day to find those things you can be thankful for…they are there…you just have to look.

1 Chronicles 23:30 (KJV 1900)

30 And to stand every morning to thank and praise the Lord, and likewise at even;

Ezra 3:11 (KJV 1900)

11 And they sang together by course in praising and giving thanks unto the Lord; because he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever toward Israel. And all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid.

As a business owner, it is easy to fall into a pattern of acknowledging the big things that people do and forget or overlook the small things that people do everyday to make your business work. The person that runs to the post office or the bank for you. The UPS driver who delivers packages every day. The cleaning crew who keeps your offices livable.

There are hundreds of things that happen every day that other people do for you that make you able to be in business, get and serve customers, and pay the bills. They may work for you directly in your business or in someone else’s business. Have you thanked them lately?

Do you take the time and pay attention to the small things, the little things that make a difference? For one day pay particular attention to those who serve you – the wait staff at the restaurant where you take an important client. The manager of the supply store where you run to make copies when your copier goes down. The computer repair guy that helps you salvage an important file after your computer crashes and you realize that your “automatic” backup hasn’t been working…Thank them directly and sincerely.

A practice of being thankful changes the way your day goes. It changes your heart and your mood. Be thankful and others will soon be thankful too.



Author:  Lea A. Strickland, MBA CMA CFM CBM GMC
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