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If you are preparing to raise funds or are already building your campaign  NC PACES Act, I would be happy to talk with you about the FOCUS NC PACES Program for Crowdfunding. The NC PACES Act provides an exemption for certain legal requirements for businesses that meet the criteria. The exemption is great for small and established businesses, as well as startups.  You aren’t exempt from having all the information that your potential investors will need to make an informed decision. Your crowdfunding efforts will be more successful if you do your homework!


This program advises client companies on the development of the elements of the fundraising offer. If you would like a free consultation to discuss some or all of the eight key components that support success:

  1. the overall funding strategy;
  2. the pre-launch planning;
  3. financial needs, uses, and timing;
  4. the business plan and model (how you make money); 
  5. the valuation and offer;
  6. the pitch and the campaign;
  7. campaign launch and support;
  8. post-campaign activities,

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