Radio Show Host and Guest Training

I love doing my weekly radio programs.Focus I have found over the years, that many potential guests have great content and messages, but aren’t comfortable with doing radio.  One component of their stress is that they don’t know what to expect or how to contribute to the process of defining the show content. My first radio and TV experiences were less stressful because I invested in training with an experienced radio show host. By receiving training, I was able to be confident when I went on air. Now after years of doing radio, I have developed a process that helps both my in-studio and pre-recorded program guests get comfortable and be confident as we have a conversation about their area of expertise.

As a radio show host, I have had some shows that to be honest were a struggle to keep the conversation flowing and to have sufficient content for a one hour show. Having a full hour to talk about your topic is rare these days. Yet a one hour radio show visit and the resulting podcast can be just the right venue and platform for getting your message to your market.

Host  Training:

If you want to host your own radio, internet radio or podcast, I would love to share my experience and the tools I have developed to manage the logistics, content, and guests. Training includes:

  • recommended equipment (microphones, headphones, etc.)
  • when, where and how to do your show
  • processes and tools related to getting and scheduling guests
  • tips on writing scripted elements of your show
  • voice overs, intro and outro tips
  • building your brand and audience
  • monetizing your program

Host training includes:

  • developing your show concept and brand
  • identifying your show location (internet radio, podcast, commercial or community radio station)
  • frequency (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)
  • audience
  • goals
  • mechanics – equipment, processes and systems.


Guest Training:

  • information to provide
  • tips on guiding content
  • helping the interviewer help you give your best interview
  • calls to action to build into your interview
  • what information to share and what not to share
  • developing your authentic voice
  • identifying your goal for each and every interview
  • follow-up

Guest training includes:

  • message/content focus
  • audience
  • pre-show preparation
  • questions and answers sheet
  • bio
  • call(s)-to-action
  • contact information
  • post-show follow
  • audience capture/conversion
  • practice interviews
  • complete 45 – 55 minute podcast