Scott founded the acclaimed Eye Cafe & Caffe Driade in North Carolina, USA. He has over 20 years of experience in the Specialty coffee industry. His obsession with discovering phenomenal coffee transitioned into direct working relationships with the world’s most exemplary farmers and producers, and roasting that coffee as Carrboro Coffee Roasters. Along the way, Scott has worked as a barista, green coffee buyer, roaster, consultant, Cup of Excellence Head Judge & World Barista Championship Head Judge & trainer ; which has taken him to international barista competitions around the world, from Nicaragua to Japan. Judging competitions since 2003, Scott has been one of a few WBC Certified Head Judges & the only American in 2007-13. He is currently a Head Judge for the Cup of Excellence program around the world & works with CQI, most recently with a USAID funded development program in Myanmar.

Since 2004, Carrboro Coffee Roasters , with over 25 years of combined experience in roasting & the retail coffee industry, has been Chapel Hill/Carrboro’s premiere small batch coffee roaster.   Carrboro Coffee is a local business with a worldwide reach that focuses on, works within, and gives back to the community they live in, and the world at large. The coffee is sourced with these ideals in mind. Along with that all important consideration of finding the best quality and tasting coffee in the world; they source thru Direct Relationships with the farmers, and offer Certified Organic & Fair Trade coffees. They are also careful to source coffee that is grown and processed humanely, and allows the farmers the means to live decently.   Owner Scott Conary regularly travels to coffee growing countries around the world to establish and support their Direct Relationship model.

At Carrboro Coffee Roasters, they are constantly working on finding the best roast profiles for each new coffee before selling them. Each roast is individually tailored to the specific needs of the coffee—they let the coffee tell them how to roast it, rather than impose a standard ‘style’ or roast degree. Every coffee is different and must be respected for its unique characteristics…at Carrboro Coffee Roasters, they feel this is their most important responsibility after farmer relationship building—to act on behalf of the coffee and ensure that all of its intrinsic glory can be realized in the cup.

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