I’m Not Uninformed – Don’t Treat Me Like An Idiot

‘Tis the season of politicians and pollsters.  It is somewhat akin to the Christmas season in longevity and the ability to inundate us with meaningless commercials, promotions, slogans, sound bytes, and plastic.  Calls for contributions, ads which disrupt, distract, and dismay.  Ads for our hard earned money.  Ads which squander [or eat away at] our hard earned moments of relaxation and family time.  Television and radio and internet and print all leave us with one sure outcome –  death and taxes still await us in the future (and if government can find a way, they will steadily increase both and try to convince us it is for our own good).

Oh, and one other certainty, regardless of your political slant or affiliation or non-affiliation as the case may be, your positions on the issues, your opinions on the candidates, or frustrations with the process, you will inevitably be viewed as and opined about as uninformed, not capable of comprehending the deeper meaning of the long term implications, etc. etc. and so on of well… you fill in the blank.  Because you are without a doubt, hardened, insensitive, motivated only by your own welfare…you avoid paying your taxes…you never give to charity or volunteer your time…if you pray it is with an e…you prey on other people because you couldn’t possibly disagree with a candidate and discuss a topic on its merits…

It would be refreshing if those elected officials who work for us actually did – I mean work for us.  If they understood that actual results and the strengthening of the country were the objective.  A strong economy and infrastructure would mean re-election and more capability to do more programs for more people – for example, more education – but wait we have a public education system – with people dropping out and people graduating who can’t “compete”…

You think they would understand that sound fiscal policy and independence which includes a long-term energy strategy, health care system, and other reforms also means truly free markets and fewer special interests.  It also means that where competitive pressures and level playing fields are suffering from “interference” – especially at the government level – those obstacles need to be removed to enable competition.  Get rid of the constraints where government programs are supposed to be mechanisms to fund innovation – be an organization for PROgress not CONgress.

When the objective of government is to hinder enterprise and to debate and constrain the forward movement of democratic and free markets, we all pay a price.  When the regulations and rules of law are turned against the citizens of the nation to tax without representation, to usurp property rights, to take from citizens and those who would become citizens in order to create a mechanism for circumventing law and order, then we are a nation divided between those who purport to represent us and those who hear the echoes of our founding fathers’ sacrifices.

Two parties which choose not to represent a nation will find a nation united to represent itself with independence and asserting its rights, its voice, to govern and be governed by its laws, and its representatives duly elected and acting on its behalf.

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