Eventric CEO Paul Bradley says he comes by tour management software obsession honestly. After starting his own promotion company to bring major jam bands to Des Moines, Bradley went back to his hometown of Chicago to work at Tantrum Records, managing and booking tours. When a member of Irish powerhouse band The Drovers couldn’t hit the road, Bradley leaped in, learning the band’s eclectic drum parts on the fly.

As a tour manager and road warrior, however, Bradley knew on the fly was not the way to roll. With decades of hands-on touring and tour management experience under his belt, Bradley and Ian Kuhn built what later became Master Tour. 80,000 users later, Master Tour is the go-to tool for the likes of Jay-Z, Katy Perry, AC/DC, Heart & more.

Eventric was a product that didn’t exist in the marketplace. Learn how Eventric grew based on a need in the marketplace.

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