Lea Strickland is interviewed by radio show host, Tony Trupiano about Strategic Leadership. What is it? What role does it play in success?

Meet Lea


Strategic Leadership and Growth


Balancing the Short Term Demands with the Long Term Vision


How to Measure Success


Firefighting and Business Planning – Moving from Reaction to Planned Action


Solving a Problem – Find Your Customer


Product Adoption and Demand Pull


Match Market Need to What You Do


Business Fundamentals


Strategic Choices and Funding


Four Key Business Fundamentals


Management Roles and Accountability


Managing Expectations and Performance


Leaders are Managers, but Managers may not be Leaders


Success – Opportunity meets Preparation


How Well Do You Do Business?


Business Planning – Tools, Method and Priorities


A Good Story and A Great Business Model


Execution – Keeping Promises, Achieving Growth and Success


Outsourcing and Offshoring


Healthcare Costs




Funding Sources


Ego – Success Driver or Obstacle?


From Idea to Successful Business