The C.O.R.E.℠ Genesis Consulting Packages

Business Startups Need to Start Strong with The C.O.R.E. Genesis Foundation Elements

Think of your startup business like you would a house. You need a rock solid foundation to build on. Every successful (profitable) business has a strong foundation that enables business growth. The C.O.R.E.℠ Genesis system is that foundation. The elements of the C.O.R.E.℠ Genesis System are:

Concept — This is your business idea. What you want to do and deliver to the customer. The Concept is how you will address the problem or needs in the marketplace — unserved or underserved. It may also be an opportunity where the current solutions are too expensive or complex.

Opportunity — This is your market potential. Who has the need/problem? How many? Where are they? How do they buy? Who is your competition?

Resources — This is your list of skills, talents, funding, equipment, and other needs (not so much the wants) of getting your business started right.

Entity — This is the business entity model (how you plan to make money) and includes the legal and tax structure.

These C.O.R.E. Elements result in your VCCV factors: Viability (opportunity to grow); Capability (structured to execute and deliver); Credibility (demonstrate results); and Visibility (getting your message out and the customers into the business).

 Build a Startup that Starts Strong

The difference between a successful startup and one that goes nowhere usually comes down to the team and the foundation they put in place.  Remember, many good ideas (Concepts) have become great businesses because of the business model (Entity), the team (Resources), and the “how” they are structured to do business. They grew and thrived because they optimized how they would do business and who they served (Opportunity). On the flipside, there have been many great ideas that have crashed and burned because of a failed business model and a weak team.

Before you start your business and as you get started, you need to do your homework. Spend time looking at the problem/solution you want to build the business around. Do your market research. Get to know the customer. What are prospects currently doing and what benefits are they seeking. The more time and effort you spend before you start your business on the C.O.R.E.℠ Genesis elements, the more effective you will be when you do open your doors.

Once your startup’s foundation is in place, then the business can work on C.O.R.E.℠ Business Growth elements.

Start-up Package 1: The Basic Guidance on:

  • business setup related to your choice of legal and tax entity in the type of business;
  • accounting software and setup;
  • virtual and physical operation considerations;
  • the business launch
  • initial target market.

Start-up Package 2: 3 Month Coaching and Development Package

  • Guide through the concept; market identification; business plan; and other components of C.O.R.E. Genesis℠; and
  • Coach on the development of the Viability, Capability, Credibility, and Visibility elements.