(Cary, N.C.) Internationally renowned business strategy expert Lea Strickland, MBA/CMA/CBM/CFM/GMC, is busy with educational events this fall, having hosted a recent informational webinar on using the popular accounting software QuickBooks and participating as a featured expert at a grants workshop hosted by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) in Durham.

The Grants Workshop was the culmination of a three-part program produced in partnership between the CED and the Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC). Focused on starting and growing a company via local and federal grant funding, the program provided entrepreneurs with the relevant knowledge and resources needed to connect with local and federal granting sources and prepare a grant proposal. The September 24 session featured one-on-one consulting sessions with expert grant writers and specialists such as Strickland, who answered questions dealing with budgets, indirect rates, commercialization plans and compliance.

“The workshop participants I met with were asking specific questions about how to do business with the funds, what type of funding was available, and how to develop budgets,” Strickland said, explaining, “But really what it all boiled down to was they were looking for advice in building sound business models and implementing successful day-to-day and long-term strategic processes.”

Following on the heels of the Grants Workshop, Strickland hosted the live webinar, “QuickBooks: Company Preferences, Navigation, and Quick Tips” on September 28. Thirty-five registered participants viewed the live event which helped QuickBooks users understand basic process flows, short cuts, and how preferences setup impacts results.

According to Strickland, many small business owners and entrepreneurs have no choice other than to learn to “keep the books” using software like QuickBooks regardless of whether or not they have a strong financial accounting background. Understanding the software to properly run numbers and reports helps sole proprietors and other small business owners more easily understand the results and consequences of their daily business operations.

“Knowing the details of his or her business helps an owner make informed, educated decisions at a much higher level,” she said, adding, “Being an entrepreneur frequently means being the accounting clerk as well as a CEO, CFO and CIO.”

Strickland said she has been receiving an increase in invitations to participate in speaking engagements and workshops as regional and statewide agencies and organizations look for assistance in helping small businesses through challenging economic times.

The Grants Workshop is one of several SBTDC events Strickland is involved with:  on October 7 she is participating in a one-on-one grants session hosted by Hughes, Pittman, and Gupton LLP in Raleigh.  Strickland will be presenting “QuickBooks: Creating the Company File and Structuring for Results” which is also sponsored by the SBTDC on October 20 and November 11, 2009 hosted by Dixon-Hughes PLLC also in Raleigh.

“Companies throughout the state and region need assistance in improving competitiveness and financial performance.  The QuickBooks Series of Webinars and Workshops are just one tool that we can provide to new and struggling businesses to understand the numbers, improve performance, and cut costs,” said Strickland.

Strickland will also be delivering the keynote address at the October 13 business conference Obtaining SUCCESS! Take Action Now in Winston-Salem. Strickland, author of four books on business strategy and 600 columns and op-ed pieces on starting and growing a business, will be speaking from materials from her upcoming book G.R.A.B.TM for Success – How To BE Successful Starting Today! Strickland will also be providing webinars in October, November and December for the G.R.A.B. for Success Series October 22 and November 19 Noon to 1 p.m. Eastern.

For information on any of these events call (919) 234-3960.

Lea Strickland, MBA/CMA/CBM/CFM, is an internationally renowned business strategy expert applying proven infrastructure management solutions to help businesses and organizations of all sizes build a baseline for success. Regularly leading workshops and presenting at a wide range of industry events, Lea is a sought-after public speaker and thought leader on how to effectively start and grow a business. She is a published book author; has been featured in national business media outlets; and is a contributing columnist to a number of national and regional magazines and websites. For more information, visit www.leastrickland.com.

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