Business strategist to speak on topics from latest book outlining pathways to reaching professional goals

(Cary, N.C.) Internationally renowned business strategy expert Lea Strickland, CMA/CBM/CFM, will be delivering the keynote address at the November 17 business conference Obtaining SUCCESS! Take Action Now in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Strickland, author of four books on business strategy and 600 columns and op-ed pieces on starting and growing a business, will be speaking from materials from her upcoming book G.R.A.B.TM for Success – How To BE Successful Starting Today!

“Taking a strategic approach to success entails breaking things down into two basic components: a starting point and process,” Strickland said, explaining that these components contain are based in Gratitude, Resolve, Attitude, and Belief™ implemented through Goals, Resources, Actions and Behaviors™.

The Obtaining SUCCESS! Take Action Now Conference is a daylong event dedicated to promoting positivity in business through empowerment, positive reinforcement and networking. Presented by Winston-Salem based MGM Speakers Bureau, the event is geared toward executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals and individuals looking to develop better business practices and leadership traits.

In an average year, Strickland leads 40 workshops and webinars in 30 states, Canada, and Mexico on business strategy topics such as how to build and implement an effective business plan; do’s and don’ts of accounting, finance, and tax structure; and how to secure government grants, in addition to many more. Since forming her consulting firm F.O.C.U.S. Resources, Inc. in 2002, she has led over 400 domestic and international clients down the path to success via building an effective operational infrastructure.

“With a razor-thin margin of error between success and failure, you need to incorporate a planned, almost clinical approach to achieving business success that will support and drive a positive attitude and belief in your ability to succeed,” she said.

The Take Action Now Conference is scheduled for 10:30 AM — 2:30 PM at the Piedmont Club in Winston-Salem, N.C. The event is open to the public; to purchase tickets or for more information visit

About Lea Strickland:
Lea Strickland, MBA/CMA/CBM/CFM, is an internationally renowned business strategy expert applying proven infrastructure management solutions to help businesses and organizations of all sizes build a baseline for success. Regularly leading workshops and presenting at a wide range of industry events, Lea is a sought-after public speaker and thought leader on how to effectively start and grow a business. She is a published book author; has been featured in national business media outlets; and is a contributing columnist to a number of national and regional magazines and websites. For more information, visit

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