How you use your resources – people, money and time – determines what you are able to achieve. If you lose FOCUS in your business by:

• trying to do too many things at once
• lacking clarity in who your customers are
• failing to set and meet milestones
• putting together the wrong team
• managing resources poorly

… then the business will not succeed.

Time is money. Money is time. People are time. People cost money. Processes take time. Processes cost money. Burning through your capital (cash from all sources – operations and investors) without achieving your milestones means that your business is probably doing business without a connection between your objective and financial results. You may be clear on your direction, but are your resources aligned to that objective?

Every organization is managing limited resources – time, money, and people – requires an understanding the alternatives and payoffs for each option. You have limited resources to get your “product” to market will never be “perfect” but never getting to market or taking too long (using up your resources before you get a marketable product) means success won’t even be an option. Putting together a workable plan with resources matched to the plan will keep you moving ahead.

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