Imagine that success is like gaining entrance to a vault of riches with three locks to open. Now these locks aren’t like the usual padlocks, door locks, or other real life, tangible mechanisms opened with traditional keys (or brute force).These locks are more like those portrayed in the science fiction adventures. You know the ones that require solving a riddle, navigating narrow ledges with chasms and torments all around, and then finding the combination of symbols on tiles or buttons to maneuver. Solve the puzzle, make the right moves, and Voila! You are there! The treasure is yours. Of course, on the way out you have the challenge of keeping it away from bandits and opportunists (and the part they never show, the tax man), but that is the subject of another story.

Three Keys to Business Success: The search for riches in business includes these three keys to success:

  • A clear vision of the goal and a passion for pursuing it
  • A strategy for achieving the goal (including how you will fund the adventure)
  • A qualified and capable team (organization) committed to the goal and willing to help execute and carry the load

To be able to use the keys, there are other elements which cannot be overlooked. These elements can make or break the success adventure and include:

  • the knowledge base used to develop the vision (experience and expertise)
  • the ability to adapt in dynamic situations and continue to keep your eye on the goal
  • the integrity of the belief system of the team (priorities and decisions get set and made in the belief system)
  • the acceptance of risk and the “quotient” the team has, individually and collectively, which impacts the assessment of strategies, alternative paths, and tactics
  • the synergy of the team – complementary and competing skills, abilities, experiences, and perspectives

Fortunately physical death of team members doesn’t lie in wait around every corner when pursuing organizational success. Death of the organization is always a possibility, however, if certain things don’t happen or other things do happen.

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