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Books by Lea Strickland

from Lea Strickland

10 Minute Success:Goals

10 Minute Success – Goals is the answer to the question I am asked on an almost daily basis: “How do you get so much done?!”
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from Lea Strickland

The ABC’s of Biblical Change

abc-Biblical-ChangeThe ABC’s of Biblical Change: Lessons from the Pentateuch walks readers through the lives and lessons of various Bible characters and examines some key concepts that span the lives of these characters.
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from Lea Strickland

SBIR Basics: The Numbers

sbr-basicsThis book is for the SBIR recipient. It contains the building blocks of the concepts for accounting, financial and administrative requirements that are associated with federal funding.
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from Lea Strickland

Out of the Cubicle and Into Business

out-of-the-cubicleThis isn’t “theory”, but practical insights, questions, and information on the realities of starting your own business and laying the foundation for success. 
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from Lea Strickland

Marketing Strategies That Really Work!

marketing-strategiesNo matter how good your product or how strong your promotional offer, if you fail to get that information into the marketplace where potential customers can see it , success will forever elude you.
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from Lea Strickland

One Great Idea Can Revolutionize Your Business

one-great-ideaEighteen Power-House ideas to make your life and business successful.
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